All American Halftime Show™

Production Cast Choreography 

Learn Your All American Halftime Show
Cast Member Choreography Online!

Your All American Halftime Show cast member choreography training is provided online via the Vimeo video streaming platform.

The All American Halftime Show choreography training videos may be viewed on most any mobile device (phone, pad, etc.), home or laptop computer and even on many smart TV’s or video streaming devices.


If you plan to repeatedly view your training video on a mobile device, we STRONGLY encourage you to download each of the eight videos to your device when you are connected to Wi-Fi. This will prevent high usage of your mobile data and allow you to view the choreography video repeatedly by simply opening your mobile device Photo/Video Gallery.

When you play each training video while online there will be a red panel below the currently playing video that allows a simple one-button video download.

For most devices, downloading the “HD 720p” version will prove sufficient for high quality mobile viewing. Each choreography video file must be downloaded separately.

*If your mobile device supports the free Vimeo mobile app, you will be directed to the free app installation location when first viewing a mobile video. For the best viewing experience, we suggest using the free Vimeo mobile app.


Please Learn And Be Thoroughly Familiar With
ALL Of Your All American Halftime Show Choreography Training!

Any questions about the cast choreography can be best answered during your first All American Halftime Show production rehearsal in Orlando.


Choreography video training links found below are for LAST YEAR’S 2018 New Year’s Day All American Halftime Show.

NEW choreography video training media for your January 1, 2019 All American Halftime Show will be posted online in late fall of 2018.

EVERY registered All American Halftime Show cast member will receive an e-mail notification when your new choreography training media is available online.

Please feel free to take a peek at last year’s online choreography video training if you might like to get an idea of what to expect later this fall!

FYI – Your All American Halftime Show choreography training video is password protected. Your secret password to access the online choreography video training is: halftime (All lower-case letters)
Click the appropriate link below to view your All American Halftime Show choreography!

2018 Cheer/Pom/Dance Cast Members

2018 Flag Cast Members

2018 Twirler Cast Members

To View Choreography Training Videos on A Smart TV

Please refer to your smart TV or online video streaming device (Roku, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, etc.) for documentation information referring to the free Vimeo online video viewing app.

See a list of Vimeo supported devices and mobile links for the free Vimeo app: Access Free Vimeo Viewing App

Helpful Hint: Click the “Watch Later” button when viewing each of the choreography training videos on your mobile device free Vimeo app. When you later login to your free smart TV Vimeo app or free mobile device Vimeo app the videos will be waiting in your “Watch Later” folder for quick and easy viewing!