All American Halftime Show™

Cast Costuming FAQ

All American Costume Fitting

A properly fitting costume is a very important aspect of your All American Halftime Show production experience.

Please carefully follow the costuming guidelines below to assure that you will enjoy the BEST All American cast member production week ever!

Performance costumes will be distributed during your All American Halftime Show tour registration at the Rosen Centre Hotel on December 28th.

Video Instructions To Get The Best Costume Measurements

Your All American Halftime Show production costume design will be based on the theme of the show. Some costumes may be of a unisex design.

Performers must supply your own White shoes and matte finish Suntan color tights.

Performance costumes will be distributed during your All American Halftime Show tour registration at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando on December 28th.

Costume sizes will be based on the chart found below. Your costume size could be very different from what you normally wear because our professional designer may use a different sizing chart.

Please be accurate and truthful. Round measurements up to the next full number. Do not use fractions (i.e. – If a measurement is 32 1/2″ please use 33″ as your measurement.)

All American Performer Costume Size Chart
(Click Size Chart To Enlarge)

Important – To measure your “Girth” (best done with a friend’s assistance), place a flexible tape measure on the top center of your right shoulder, take measurement tape down the front of your torso, under your crotch and up your back to same spot on your right shoulder where you started. Do not pull the tape too tight (should be slightly loose.)

The measured length of this “circle” (top of shoulder, between legs, back to top of shoulder) is your GIRTH* measurement.

*If you are in doubt of overall costume size, please use the Girth measurement as your primary size guide.

Important – When you receive your All American Halftime Show™ production tour registration confirmation please DOUBLE CHECK your costume measurements and costume size selection for correctness.

You can easily log-in to your account and make any necessary corrections yourself until October 7th.

What Do I Need To Bring With Me?

General Costuming Notes

  • Female performers should bring stage/field make-up, including bright red lip stick, base/foundation, blush, and bright yet natural eye make-up.
  • Do not apply sequins, glitter, or any other adornments to you face or hair.
  • Hair must be pulled away from your face. Do not wear colored ribbons or scrunchies.
  • Cast members should bring extra safety pins and hair pins, rubber bands or hair bands.
  • Any visible tattoos or other body adornment must be covered while in uniform.
  • Do not wear jewelry while in your All American cast uniform. This includes watches, rings, ear rings, nose rings, or other piercings.
  • Please do not remove or pull down the shoulder straps of your All American uniform while in the stadium.

All Female Performers

  • White Shoes – Clean, solid white color, low-cut sneakers, tennis shoes, or jazz oxfords. A simple white shoe (like a ‘generic’ Keds style) is fine. Brand or construction (canvas/leather) is not important.
  • White color knee socks are provided for cast members.
  • No high top shoes, large brand logos, stripes, colored laces, etc.
  • Suntan Tights – Full footed, suntan or flesh colored, matte finish tights. Avoid high gloss, luster or shimmery tights. Do not wear pantyhose instead of tights. Tights are available at most dance shops, studios, or on the Internet.
  • Undergarments – A smooth, seamless flesh tone bra with CLEAR STRAPS. Panties, which may cause unsightly lines, should not be worn under your costume since you will be wearing tights.
  • Props – Twirlers must need to bring their own baton.
    Pom Pons and all other cheer/dance props will be provided.
    Flags, flag poles, and all other props will be provided.

All Male Performers

  • White Shoes & White Socks – Clean, solid white color, low cut oxfords, sneakers, or tennis shoes.
  • Solid white color socks will be provided to all cast members.
  • No high top shoes, large brand logos, stripes, colored laces, etc.
  • Please wear briefs or trunks. No boxer shorts under your uniform.


See Your NEW Production Costume Design!

January 1, 2019 All American Halftime Show*

Cast Costume Design

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Costume designs are based on the theme of the show.

The cast costume shown below is for the January 1, 2019 All American Halftime Show.

*Updated cast costuming for the January 1, 2020 All American Halftime Show will debut in the Fall of 2019.