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2018 Tour Registration Open Soon!

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The easiest way for All American Halftime Show™ Performers and Tour Spectators to sign-up for the production experience of a lifetime is right here at your fingertips!*

All of the information needed to register online is identical to the printable Mail-In Registration pages. You may wish to print the registration pages & fill in the information requested before proceeding to your simple online registration

If you don’t have a printed copy of the All American Halftime Show™ registration pages nearby, below are some of the items you should have available.

*We recommend the use of a standard computer (instead of a smartphone or iPad) to complete your tour member registration.

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Registration Check List

Your All American Halftime Show™ "Selection Code"

Your “Selection Code” is typically found on the back page of your All American Halftime Show™ tour registration booklet (in the yellow box near the top, right corner) imprinted on your cast selection invitation card or included in an information e-mail. All members of your family attending the production tour should use the same Selection Code when registering.

If you do not know your Selection Code or if it is illegible, please select “Don’t Know” on the question. Should you have further questions please feel free to Contact Us.

Tour Package Room Type

Your tour package “Room Type” is dependent upon how many persons you plan to share your hotel room during the production tour. You must be traveling with others (family members or group) to fulfill your desired room occupancy tour package.

Example: If there are three family members attending the production tour, each person should select a “Triple Occupancy” tour package (and Performer or Spectator as appropriate) when they register.

Chaperone Contact Information (For tour members under 18 years old)

It is not necessary for performers to travel with other members of your local performance group. However, performers must be accompanied by an adult tour member chaperone (parent, family member, coach/director) if the performer is under 18 years.

Tour Member Category

Performers should select the same performance discipline (Cheer/Pom, Dance, Flag, Twirl) that you performed when you received your All American Halftime Show™ cast member selection.

If you are not an All American Halftime Show™ performer you must select “Tour Spectator”.

Your Roommate Request

Please list your desired All American Halftime Show™ production tour hotel roommates (and ask THEM to list YOU as their roommate.) Spectator tour members and Performer tour members may stay in the same hotel room. Mixed gender rooms are available for family members only.

Important Roommate Info – If you cannot fill your requested tour package room occupancy type, you may be required to change your tour package to a lower room occupancy at an additional cost.

Example: Three persons select Quad Occupancy tour packages and their anticipated fourth roommate does not register or drops out before the production tour – Each of the original three tour registrants will be required to upgrade to a Triple Occupancy tour package at an additional cost per person.

School/Group Name (If Applicable)

Your school/group* name is most important if you are traveling with others from your area. Knowing your school/group name helps us keep your group’s hotel rooms near each other.

*Spectator tour members should list the same school/group name as the All American Halftime Show™ performer.

T-Shirt Size (All Tour Members)

Your preferred T-Shirt size for the person being registered. Each All American Halftime Show™ tour member will receive a complimentary limited-edition commemorative production tour T-Shirt.

All American Costume Size Measurements (Performers Only)

All American Halftime Show™ performers must fill out the costume size information completely! Refer to the Costume FAQ page if you have questions regarding how measure properly.

How Are You Traveling To Orlando?

If already know your travel information please let us know so that we may make plans for your Orlando arrival. For those traveling to Orlando International Airport (MCO) we have arranged a special discounted shuttle service for your airport/hotel transfers. You may click for a printable DISCOUNT COUPON or visit the direct link Mears Transportation to reserve your airport shuttle service.

Please visit the see the Flying FAQ web page for additional Orlando airport shuttle information. If you do not know all of your Orlando arrival information at this time, you may login to complete this section later.

Emergency Medical Contact / Insurance Information

Please share your primary physician’s name & telephone number, medical insurance policy name & number, list any severe allergy or medical sensitivities, provide any special comments regarding medical treatment, and whom we should contact in the unlikely event of a medical emergency.

Tour Member Registration Payment Information

Your All American Halftime Show™ tour payment may be made by most major credit/debit cards. We understand that everyone may not have a large enough credit reserve to pay in full today, so there are special arrangements for you to make up to three installments for your production tour payment.

An initial minimum $300.00 deposit per person is required to confirm your All American Halftime Show™ production tour member position.